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Executive program in esports management with

ITTI High Tech Institute signs an agreement with Barça Innovation Hub to create the executive program in eSports management with FC Barcelona.

Partner Barcelona innovation hub universitas

Partner with Barça Innovation Hub Universitas

Optional bootcamp in Barcelona

BIG C Esports Management Itti.es

BIG C International Gaming Center

Barcelona International Gaming Center is a premier, world-class esport organization founded and based in Poble Nou (Barcelona) . Professional teams and players compete in the most prestigious leagues worldwide. Gaming is our passion, we play to win


6 Months (2 Classes per week)

January 17 2024

June 2024

International education VirtualClasses - Streaming + 1 Week on campus (optional)

EXECUTIVE PROGRAM in Esports Management with Barça Innovation Hub

Do you want to learn how a traditional Club such as FC Barcelona create the successful esports team step by step? They will tell you!

Through the top professional in the esports field you will navigate 360º in this exponential growing market. The Executive Program in esports Management with FC Barcelona is a unique experience that will provide you with the correct tools to be the Professional that the market is waiting for.

Barcelona Innovation Hub

In our Executive Program in Esports Management with Barça Innovation Hub, you will create, organize and develop skills for one of the professions with more presence in the market.

*This was said by the International Esports Federation (IESF).*

Million Profesional Players

Billon Dolars in revenue

Million People Audience


Annual Growth

We will have classes and meetings with professionals from FCBarcelona and the Barcelona Gaming Center.

+1 Week in Barcelona (optional)

We will enjoy meeting you all here in Barcelona! One more very cool thing. All of you will present the project in front of our friends from different Venture Capital.

Are you ready to create something real?

Key Points


 6 Months   (2 Classes per week)



The only program that will
really help you get to know
this sector and find a job.


International education

 VirtualClasses – Streaming

+ 1 Week on campus (optional)

partner with FC Barcelona for esports program International education.

Learn from the best professionals in the world of esports and make your passion your work.

This Course is for you if…


You are a marketing and communication lover and you want to know what opportunities esports offers you to connect with new audiences.


You are an innovative person and you see esports as a possible field for the development of new businesses.


You like the world of sports and see in esports an interesting field to develop your career in the future.


You like playing video games and you want to professionalize your passion in the world of esports.



You are a business consultant interested in the esports and video games sector and its development as a new entertainment industry.

Barcelona INNOVATION HUB Universitas - Esports management

Academic Program

1.Foundations & Emerging Trends in Gaming:

+ Details
  • Mobile esports.
  • Big data and Blockchain.
  • AR/VR.
  • Metaverse & Crypto Assets
  • Game Development and Market Dynamics

2.Audiovisual in Esports and Gaming:

+ Details

• Broadcast Platforms.
• Audiovisual for Brands and Agencies.
• Contents for Clubs and Press.
• Audiovisual production of Events and Competitions.
• Materials and Equipment.


3.Comunity Manager in Esports and Gaming:

+ Details

• Gaming Comunnication & Market Research.
• Voice Chat, Social Media and Virtual Reality.
• Branding in Videogames.
• Functions of the Comunity Manager.
• Sport Data Web Scrabing with Python.
• KPI ́s and Objectives.

4.Digital Content Creator in Esports and Gaming:

+ Details

• New Technologies in the Digital Content Creation.
• Personal Brand.
• Content Generation.
• Tokenization & Monetization.

5.Sports Director at Esports:

+ Details

• Operations Management in Gaming.
• Project Management in Competition.
• Competitive esports Landscape.
• Your Team.
• Planning.
• Talent Management.

Alumno esports management - Itti.es
Alumna master esports management


Sports Media

  • Head of Audiovisual Production of Leagues, Tournaments and esport events.
  • Head of for P.R. (Public Relations) of a esports Team.
  • Journalist Specializing in esports.
  • esports Broadcasting Caster.
  • Head of for Communication of a esports Team.
  • Communication Manager of a esports League.

Esports Business


  • Head of for Production of Leagues and Tournaments.
  • Marketing Manager of a esports Organization.
  • Sales Manager of a esports Organization.
  • esports Project Manager (team, league, tournament, and event).
  • Head of for Production of esport Events.
  • esports Expert in a Marketing and Communication Agency.
  • esports Expert in Communication of  Consumer Brand.
  • Entrepreneur in the esports Industry.
Bootcamp Esports management


Ron Rheingold

Head of Content Innovation


Einar Martinsen

Events & Community at Team Liquid


João Fonseca

Strategy & Corporate Development FIFA


Arnoldo Concepci



Adam Whyte

Founder & CEO at Edge

Arnau Vidal

Founder & Co-Owner at Team Heretics


Virginia Calvo

COO y Co Owner

Daniel Barriga

Delegado de la Liga en Emiratos Arabes y Golfo Pérsico


* Experts are subject to confirmation

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Executive Program in esports Management