Master in international sports management
3 months
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International Education (English)

Start: 02/04/2023
End: 28/07/2023

Global ITTI Certification 

The objective of the Executive Master In International Expansion For Sports Properties

From the hand of the best professionals in the sports industry both in business and marketing and event organization, you will have a very broad and detailed knowledge that no other university offers.

The Executive Master in International Expansion for Sports Properties is a unique experience that will provide you with the right tools to be the professional the market is waiting for.

Learn in depth about federations, clubs, marketing agencies and sport events to be able to undertake or join jobs within the industry.

The professional sports industry is growing exponentially bringing an impact in the world. That’s why leaders in the industry are required to take sustainable decisions and collaborate with their main stakeholders to find solutions to challenges and develop a sustainable mode of governance.

ITTI Emphasis on the international dimension of sport and focus on the current and future key challenges faced by sports organizations.

Become the ITTIER that leading companies are looking for.

This is a graduate-level program that provides knowledge and skills in sports management.

Get ready to enter a job market where the employability rate exceeds 90%.

Practice your skills in a company for three months and develop your full potential. 

The leaders sports campus

Who is the course for?

This Master is aimed at those who:

Are event organizers with a passion for sport and want to turn their passion into their profession.

Those who aspire to work in the world of sport and want to deepen their knowledge and actual practice in the organization of sporting events.

People who already work in the world of sport and see sport events as an interesting field to develop their career in the future.

The Faculty

The faculty of this master is formed by the most recognized professionals of the international sports world.

You will learn all the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to direct and manage sports institutions.

Teachers or the director of the program will respond with a chat and include examples and practical exercises to achieve full understanding of the syllabus. The master classes are extraordinary classes to complement the training given by experts in the field. 

Our teachers give classes including study materials and practical exercises, offer tutoring, prepare and correct exams, and evaluate the final grade. 

* The cloister is subject to availability

Program Director

Alex Isern
Alex Isern

CEO and Co-Founder of ISL Agency

Course faculty

Marc Segarra
Marc Segarra

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of ISL Agency

Massimo Cosentino
Massimo Cosentino

General Secretary
Juventus Football Club

Gorka Herrero Nebot
Gorka Herrero Nebot

Business & Revenue Director / Head of Partnerships - SEA, Aus, S Korea & Japan at LaLiga

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